RS232 transceiver circuits
rs232 transceiver circuit which commond used for communicate between microcontroller and other devices such PC or any devices that use rs232.Here is a collection of rs232 transceiver circuits that popular for today, alarms, security systems etc.










3 channel RF remote control
This is RF remote control project that use RC5 protocol to control up to 3 devices.






This is a PIC Programmer for Microchip Devices. It can use with several of software.

8 channel IR remote control
This is an IR remote control project that use RC5 protocol to control up to 8 devices.













Digital thermometer
This digital thermometer use DS1820 measurement temperature from 0-99 ‘C then the temperature will display on LCD 1X16 .The CPU used in this project is PIC16F84A. It also includes software programming with CCS C Compiler.













3 digits Digital volt meter
The simple 3-digits digital volt meter PIC16F676 is used to read analog signal(voltage) and display the value on 3-digits 7-segment.You can apply to measure DC currant with parallel Rshunt.

Light Switch
The light switch or light activated is a relay circuit.

Simple LED flashing cirucit
This circuit only use 2 resistors,1 capacitor, 1 LED and 1 Transistor .

Automatic fan controller
This circuit use LM311,2N3904 and some components

A simple light flashing
This circuit use 2 transistor and some components.

Standalone Linear NiMH/NiCd
This charger requires no microcontroller or firmware to control all function only some passive components and one IC.

Electro Meter circuit
This is a simple to measure electrostatic charge circuit.

Basic dual power supply
This is a basic dual power supply that use basic component to generate positive and negative voltage.

Basic regulated power supply
This is an easy regulator that only use zener diode ,transistor, resistors and capacitors.