PIC Pocket Programmer (PP-Prog)

This is a PIC programmer project for program PIC Microcontroller devices via PC parallel port which support several software such as EPICWin, WinPic800, P18 etc. There are two indicators LED on PCB.One for power supply and one for programming in progress.

Complete assembly




Component side


Single side PCB


Devices support

  • 6 PIN : 10F200,10F202,10F204,10F206 and more
  • 8 PIN : 12C508, 12C508A, 12C509, 12C509A, 12C671, 12C672, 12CE518, 12CE519, 12CE673, 12CE674, 12F629, 12F675 and more
  • 18 PIN : 1616C554, 16C558, 16C620, 16C620A, 16C621, 16C621A, 16C622, 16C622A, 16C61, 16C71, 16CE623, 16CE624, 16CE625, 16F627, 16F628, 16C84, 16F84, 16F84A, 16C710, 16C711, 16C712, 16C715, 16C716, 16C717, 16F83, 16C505 and more
  • 28 PIN : 16C62, 16C62A, 16C62B, 16C63, 16C63A, 16C66, 16C642, 16C662, 16C72, 16C72A, 16C73, 16C73A, 16C73B, 16C73C, 16C745, 16C76, 16C76A, 16C773, 16F870, 16F872, 16F873, 16F876, 16F873A, 16F876A, 18C242, 18F242, 18C252, 18F252 and more
  • 40 PIN : 16C65, 16C65A, 16C65B, 16C64, 16C64A, 16C64B, 16C67, 16C74, 16C74A, 16C74B, 16C74C, 16C765, 16C77, 16C77A, 16C774, 16F871, 16F874, 16F877, 16F874A, 16F877A, 18F248, 18F258, 18C442, 18F442, 18F448, 18C452, 18F452, 18F458 and more
  • dsPIC: dsPIC30F2010,dsPIC30F2011,dsPIC30F2012,dsPIC30F3010,dsPIC30F3011,
    dsPIC30F3012,dsPIC30F3014 and more
  • rfPIC: rfPIC12F509,rfPIC12F675

Software that support this programmer
There are several software that support this PIC programmer such as EpicWin, WinPic800, ProPIC18 etc. For each software can support different devices.For example EpicWin support
PIC12F,PIC16F and some PIC18F and can be run on all windows. But, Winpic800 support PIC12F,PIC16F, PIC18F including dsPic (when setting up hardware as ProPIC2) and ProPIC18 support PIC18F only and run on all windows.

This is picprog file for component side, PCB side and schematic.

How to insert IC on ZIP socket

How to use with EPICWin

To use this PIC programmer with EPICWin first you must have EPICWin software which available from Melabs.com.After you have download software then install it as description in the manual.

For windows XP/2000/NT you must install driver by :
Start –> Run —> C:\epicwin\NTINST.EXE /install

To remove driver.
Start –> Run —> C:\epicwin\NTINST.EXE /remove

Note : If you use Windows XP you must Stop Windows XP from polling printer port by
download the registry entry file from Melabs.com and merge it into your XP registry.After download this file to merge it into registry just duoble click on this file and select yes and OK
Download XP_stop_polling.reg

Now you can use this programmer by double click on epicwin.exe if the programmer not connected to parallel port you will have warning message” PIC Programmer. Not Found”

If you have the message “unable to start driver PICLPTNT error xx hex(xx) ” when starting EPICWin this is happen becuase you not enable parallel port in BIOS. I found this problem with some model mainboard becuase it selected disable parallel port as defualt or when you have flash new version BIOS firmware.

How to use with winPic800

To use this project with winPic800 you must setting hardware as the following picture.

This circuit compatible with propic2 hardware so it was selected. Then select all check box like the above picture and click Apply edits.