Best Hammer Drills Reviews 2023

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Drills are perhaps one of the most powerful tools needed for a many small to large construction projects. This is due to the fact that boring holes and driving screws to those holes can only be done fast using one specific equipment.

From creating a hole to put of picture frames or for a large-scale furnishing. There is also one type of drill that’s made for a more solid type of work called hammer drills. These type of equipment comes with a hammering action incorporated as the chuck drives the bit through hard surfaces such as concrete, steel, block, and brick easily. Hammer drills can be classified to corded and to cordless. Corded drills basically can be connected directly to a power source and possess more RPM or rotations per minute. Best Hammer drills have rechargeable batteries but they need to be juiced up to keep working.They do however allow you to move freely across your workplace. Hammer drills are in a way, tiny jackhammers that produce quick vibrating actions to be able to drive screws that regular power drills can’t. Since they are powerful and loud equipment, one should take care when using it and more especially, when picking the right hammer drill to purchase.

After much research, we’ve gathered here hammer drill brands that garnered stars from professionals. Our buying guide will also be laying out things to consider when choosing the best hammer drill so your final purchase won’t eventually cause you a headache.

ImageHammer DrillsVoltageAmpsDimensionPrice
Dewalt DW511N/A8.5 Amps12 x 10.2 x 3"
Bosch 1191VSR120V7.0 Amps14 x 11.5 x 4.3"
Milwaukee 5376-20120V8 Amps9.9 x 11 x 2"


Buying Guide for the Best Hammer Drills

The right and best hammer drill should be answering to your needs. Not all hammer drills are built to suit everyone and every job. So before spending money on a piece of equipment, there are a few characteristics to be considered first that should be noted.

  • Try other models before deciding on making a purchase. Feel them in your hands so you can decide if it feels good in your hands. Comfort should also be a factor because it’s more likely that you’ll be carrying it all day for the next few days.
  • Choosing between a cordless and a corded hammer drill will depend on your project. If you’re going to drive screws on a tough surface, you’ll need more power that only a corded hammer drill can provide. Small to moderate tasks are fitting for the use of cordless hammer drills.
  • The hammer drill should have different variables of speed or speed settings that can easily be switched depending on the job. For example, speed is not as important in masonry but is relevant when it comes to metal and wood-working that a switch will be included that can turn it back to standard mode.
  • Drills that are more powerful and tougher can definitely handle any type of job more than light and slow tools can. However, if versatility can be found with those hammer drills that were built smaller. If you want something for a heavy-duty job, simply choose one with a higher RPM, a lot of amps, and a faster speed. If you’re only going for a light job, there’s no need to spend on something that’s hard to control.

Top Picks for the Best Hammer Drills

Dewalt DW511 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill

DEWALT Hammer Drill, 1/2-Inch, 7.8-Amp (DW511)

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With a 7.8-amp motor, Dewalt DW511 could easily be the toughest hammer drill in the market. Hardwood and concrete are no match with this power. It has a built-in variable-speed setting trigger to be able to control and switch to its two available modes. Steel, wood, stone, and concrete applications are what this drilling hammer was created for. It has a weight of 4.3 lbs. With a handle on the side and a depth rod for increased accuracy, control, and versatility.


  • Easily drilled through concrete
  • It has a good balance of weight and power
  • Smaller, lighter and made the tedious job faster


  • The chuck won’t tighten on some bits

Bosch 1191VSR 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill

Bosch 1191VSRK 120-Volt 1/2-Inch Single-Speed Hammer Drill,Blue

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This 11991VSR from Bosch was made lighter specifically for small and easy jobs. The hammer drill has a 3000 RPM powered by a motor 7-amp. A not too expensive hammer drill, it’s been blessed with a long-lasting operation and life through a ball-bearing body. With a bpm of 0-4600, it doesn’t have a dual gearbox, making it a single-speedster. To control it is to simply give a bit more pressure to the trigger and its bit rotation can be reversed with a flick of a switch. It comes with a rubberized auxiliary handle for a better and comfortable grip and the 10 ft cord makes it easy to reach the wall power source.


  • A well-balanced tool with different variables for speed
  • Best for home use
  • Can drill through stucco and concrete


  • It died in the middle of a job
  • Gauge is made of plastic

Milwaukee 5376-20 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill

Milwaukee 5376-20 1/2' (13 Mm) Hammer Drill, Red

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A single-speed hammer drill that will give you twice the durability of a regular hammer drill. It has 0-2,800 RPM with a BPM of up to 48.000. This ½” two mode offers versatility and power from its 8-amp motor. This heavy-duty hammer drill sports a metal case that also provides durability for a longer-lasting usage. At 11.5 inches, there’s no doubt that you can work and hop from one place to another even no matter which of the two modes you;re using. Pre-set you drilling using the built-in depth rod. With an over-molding on the handle, you can assure that you’ll get a good grip on it as it lessens the vibration of the tool.


  • It has a powerful torque
  • Has a reliable trigger lock, and there’s a good use of rubber on the body
  • Smooth and has no wobbling


  • Customer service is not so good



The following hammer drills will cater to your needs to it’s important to choose carefully depending on the type of job at hand. You should also be open to trying other brand models to see if there’s one that will fit closer to your job. Be it for home use or for professional use, it’s important to not be too hasty when trying to choose this kind of equipment because of the many complications that can come from making a mistake. Make your own research and ask the right questions to get closer to the item that you precisely need.