Best Oscillating Tool Blades Reviews 2023

Updated on: March 27, 2023

Oscillating tools are extremely versatile, with countless attachments for a variety of tasks, including cutting standing and scraping There are dozens of uses for oscillating tools, but here are five ways you can use this versatile tool when renovating your home

Attach a plunge cutting blade, and use it to make cutouts in plasterboard, plywood or weatherboard, or for cutting out damaged sections of wall When installing floating floors, you’ll often need to trim the base of the doorjambs Use a segment blade to trim the doorjamb, positioning a flooring offcut underneath the blade to align it at the correct height When replacing weatherboards or trim, you may encounter nails or screws that are impossible to remove Slide a metal cutting blade behind the trim and cut them loose protecting the wall surface with a sheet metal offcut.

Fit your oscillating tool with a carbide grit segment blade, and use it to quickly remove the grout between the tiles It’s much faster than using a handheld grout saw With a scraper attachment, an oscillating tool can be used to remove dried adhesives from hard surfaces, like concrete garage floors You can also use it to remove silicone sealant, or to scrape away small concrete splashes after a masonry job.