About Us

We review a variety of products across multiple categories, such as multimeters, electronics, tools, home and garden and other.

We also feature an extensive library of guides on circuits, microcontrollers and electronics that you can find here.

We have been featured on a variety of specialty magazines and online journals such as Stackexchange, Softpedia, eHow, Rasberrypi, Chip.de, Makezine, Tomzhardware, QRZ, Superuser, Parallax, Mikrocontroller and other.

Our team is comprised of experienced electrical specialists, DIY manufacturers and tools owners, engineers and other.

We allocate on average 3 specialists to review each product, while getting customized personalized surveys and feedback from customers that use the products and services.

Most of our specialists have a PhD or Mastree degree, and they have published papers in Academic journals on topics such as circuits, electronics, multimeters, and usage of electrical boards.