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This application note demonstrates simple hardware and software techniques for driving and controlling 3 common four-coil stepper motors by one Stamp II board. The below text / work is a modified version of Parallax, Inc. single axis Stamp I driver. The program is adjusted to run 3 motors simultaneously on a Stamp II board. The board as been tested succesfully with stepper motors from RS.[more]

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RF Communication Between BASIC Stamps Using 2-meter HT Radios

This example uses Tigertronics RTX-12 Radio Modem and Parallax BASIC Stamp 2, though it may be substituted with any microcontroller. The example includes two sets of programs: a simple version that lacks error checking and a more complete example with checksums. [more]

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Nickel-O-Matic Robot

The Nickel-O-Matic robot was designed as an exhibit for the ChiBots booth at iHobby Expo ‘08 in Chicago.The main design goal was to provide a machine that was entertaining to watch and produced a tangible take home item. With inspiration from Rube Goldberg and the penny arcade machines of the 1900s.[more]

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Serial servo control

This serial servo control software was written in “Visual Basic 5 Pro”. It uses the PC serial port “com1″ to talk to a Basic Stamp, or a Pic Micro programmed with MicroEngineerings PicBasic.In between positions are available as well.You can just click on the slider and hold the mouse button down while moving the slider for large adjustments, or use the up/down arrows for slower more precise positioning.[more]

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The R2TAUPO uses two modified drive servos for 360 degree operation.The brains are a BASIC STAMP II chip with a motherboard .It consists of a 7805 power supply ,8 general control pins, lights, speakers, sensors, etc. The slanted drive wheel design allows the robot to roll and steer with only two wheels. [more]

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