Battery Charger


Battery Discharge Analyzer

This project builds a simple automatic battery discharge analyzer. It can be used to measure the discharge characteristics of the batteries. The output data can be expressed into a graph with a spreadsheet by sending data to PC via RS232.[more]

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Artificial Plate Battery

Plate batteries for old tube radios are today only available with difficulty. However, step-up controllers for low DC voltages are everywhere. The circuits of these IC’s are, however, affected by disadvantages and complex wound inductances are needed. A further disadvantage of this solution is the transducer frequency; poor placing can cause audible interference.[more]

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Advanced USB Device Charger

This is a tiny USB battery charger.With this tiny thing you can charge almost all devices that are charged via USB, like iPods or mobile phones, with only two AA-Cells.most important compenent of the cicuit presented in the next steps is the “LT1301″. This is a small step up converter for to build switching mode power supplys with only a few external components.[more]

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Battery Charger for Hand Held Radio Battery Packs

This is a handy little charger that can provide a charging current of up to 120 mA continuously for batteries in the range up to 12 volts.The supply is housed in a small plastic enclosure 90 x 55 x 32 mm.[more]

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LiPo element calibrator

The LiPo calibrator built is a very simple circuit based on the LM317, one resistor and one trimmer that can give a voltage from 4 to 4.5V. The trimmering range (around the point of start) should be minimezed in order to have a very good and easy adjustement with a standard multiturn trimmer. If the user has a very precise and stable power supply or another adjustable power supply (capable to be trimmered at 4.200V) it can be used to calibrate the LiPo balancer element.[more]

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