Data Acquisition


AVR Datalogger Zero

AVR Datalogger Zero is an AVR development board that is designed to experience data loggers. This board is designed by Chris Kern. It is mainly intended to help develop experience with technology useful for building data loggers, specifically sd card storage and ethernet connectivity. The board is designed for low power operation. Most onboard systems are powered by a 3.3v switching regulator.[more]

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Data Acquisition System using ATmega8

This project use a PC for GUI display and AVR Based data converter board. The circuit is built with the ATmega8. The GUI programming with Visual Basic to receive data from ATMega8 vai RS232. The ATMega8 chip has the onchip 10-bit resolution A/D Converter. Temperature sensor are connected to the 6 channels ADC input. You can connect up to 8 sensors with the ATmega8 TQFP package. [more]

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Simple USB Data Acquisition

Simple data acquisition is only a project away. Bruce shows you how to build a simple data acquisition device around an LPC2138. The system features a simple GUI that allows you to view graphed data instead of the streaming serial data in a terminal emulator session.

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