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Interfacing an SD card using ATMega8

This project used 1GB microSD card from sandisk.The microcontroller is AVR ATmega8 running at 8Mhz internal clock. MAX232 is used to interface the circuit with PC for monitoring the data. A 3.3v supply is used for powering the ATmega8, microSD and max232.[more]

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GPS to SD-Card Data Logger

This project combines a GPS receiver module, a Microchip PIC microcontroller and a Secure Digital memory card to make a GPS data logger.The data from the GPS is logged every second with the raw NMEA sentences being written to the SD card. The data written to the card is the GSA, GGA, RMC and GSV sentences which by excluding the carriage returns this should never exceed 512 bytes per second. [more]

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Interfacing SD card read and write with Arduino

If you are a fan of Arduino here is a nice project about how to interfacing data storage such SD card.This project posted in the Arduino ’s forum. There is also some sample code to get you up and running fast. [more]

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Microcontroller with LCD, Keyboard and Compact Flash

An Atmel AT89C51AC2 microcontroller development board with Optrex DMC 16207 16×2 LCD display, 4×4 keyboard, speaker and 64MB Compact Flash storage. Low level C hardware interface functions are implemented so the keyboard, beeper and display are accessed with high level printf() and scanf() routines. Short filename DOS files may be read from, and written to the root of the FAT16 formatted Compact Flash media.[more]

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Data Acquisition System

Data Acquisition & Logging System Using AT89c51
This is a Data Acquisition & Logging System Using AT89c51.It is actually a temperature logging System. Here 8 temperature sensors are connected(4 shown in diagram for simplicity). values of all the sensors are sent serially by AT89C51 to pc. Software “DAQ System ” takes these values and show them on its front panel, and also logs them to the data base “daq.mdb” .we can set some parameters like set point , low limit ,and high limit . when temperature of some sensor increases beyond set point ,the heater connected to controller (specific for that sensor) will be turned OFF( ON in opposite case ).High limit and low limits are for alarm. when temperature goes above high limit or below low limit the alarm will be turned on.[more]

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