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Home Built Laser Projector

This is a challenging project to build the laser projector with professional grade. The most important component used for laser projectors is the laser unit. He-Ne laser had been used in early days, multi-colored mixed gas laser is currently used for high end laser projector and solid state laser is one of the brand-new laser device that has been recently used.[more]

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Make a Laser Matrix Projector for the iPhone

The idea is to add some kind of projector capability to mobile phone (e.g. iPhone) that isnโ€™t too complex or expensive. Instead of using an expensive mini projector. This project use lasers instead to any bitmap font using a matrix of laser points, which is controlled by iPhone.[more]

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Classic LED 7-Segment Displays

Here is a simple digital clock using classic LED 7-Segment Displays from vintage calculators and vintage led watches. punkky writes:
I have made simple clocks using these displays and PIC16F887. The real thing looks much better than the photo. The displays are bright red and sun light viewable. Very COOL!!! They are on my computer desk and I love to see them very often.

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Giant ShiftBrite Election Meter

Here is a giant red/blue bar graph to display the electoral vote at Garrett ’s house. It uses 32 ShiftBrite RGB LED modules, two CSG-4M LED numerical displays, a Cubloc CB405 with Quick Start 1000 board, and an ACODE-300B Bluetooth module and run on a small 400MHz Linux server.[more]

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Traffic Light Control Circuit

This page features a circuit that has twenty open collector outputs that turn on one at a time in a continuous sequential manner. The circuit make use of the 74LSxx family of TTL integrated logic devices. The circuits are designed to drive light emitting diodes or low current, low voltage incandescent lights but can also drive other loads of up to 80 milliamps.[more]

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