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DIY Parking Sonsor using Arduino

This DIY Parking Sonsor using Arduino, ultrasonic range finder and some of components
Mike writes :
The last time I was home visiting my parents I noticed bumper imprints caused by my mother suburban on the stairs leading up from the garage. Their garage it turns out is just barely long enough to fit their gigantic vehicles. So I decided it would be nice to have some visual cue for parking. Out came the arduino and a sonar range finder from Radio Shack.

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555 Based Feeding Timer

The fish feeding timer is based on a simple monostable 555 circuit and a relay to drive the load (the return pump in this case). The circuit is setup as simple monostable 555 multivibrator, a.k.a a one shot trigger or timer.The timing period can be adjusted by turning the potentiometer.[more]

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Bryan’s DIY Antique Phone Doorbell

This project combines a battery-operated doorbell, antique phone, Arduino, and subscriber line interface circuit (SLIC) to make a wireless doorbell. Readers are taken through basic phone restoration, creation of a custom doorbell button transmitter, modification of the receiver, workings of the SLIC, and description of the Arduino code.[more]

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Spatialized Umbrella v01

This is a cool project idea. When the the rain falling down the raindrop on the umbrella ย�samples play the music in a loop, each speaker playing their own unique raindrop. The LEDs light up the speaker playing at that moment. The tempo of the loop is controlled by a long-range Sharp Infrared range finder. The closer an object is to you, the faster the loop plays. If an object is close enough and a threshold is reached, a lightning sequence is triggered. [more]

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DIY wireless flash trigger

If you are a photographer here is a very cool photography hardware called SPOT.It isย�a DIY wireless flash trigger and it is a cool open source project.The SPOT is a device that lets you adjust and trigger off-camera flashes remotely. It’s an essential tool for using artificial light.[more]

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