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Spatialized Umbrella v01

This is a cool project idea. When the the rain falling down the raindrop on the umbrella ย�samples play the music in a loop, each speaker playing their own unique raindrop. The LEDs light up the speaker playing at that moment. The tempo of the loop is controlled by a long-range Sharp Infrared range finder. The closer an object is to you, the faster the loop plays. If an object is close enough and a threshold is reached, a lightning sequence is triggered. [more]

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4 RGB LED PWM Controller based on PIC16F628

This project can use as an art project/passive information display.The LEDs controlled by PIC16F628 and communicate to PC using RS232 serial control.The current firmware has 8 commands. See the source code for the firmware for how the commands are implemented.[more]

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Multimodal Music Stand

The Multimodal Music Stand (MMMS) incorporates four Theremin-type electric field sensors, a video camera, and a microphone as input sources for the performance of electroacoustic and computer music compositions. It is designed for interactive music performances using computer vision techniques (such as tracking the position of an instrument), audio analysis / transformation of the performer’s playing, and enhanced expressivity through bodily gestures and movements that are tracked via the four electric field sensors (also known as capacitive sensing).[more]

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This is a machine that makes sort of party like music.It works by making a LED blink in the frequency of the sound, and rotating the image at a set speed.The circle with the lines that you see on the top of the machine in the above picture, rotates and displays the note you are playing. [more]

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Fiber Optic Fashion

Lewis writes: When we did a tech makeover for the Jaeger Family (episode coming soon to the tv show page!) we found out that Nancy Jaeger is a member of a fun and fabulous social group called the Red Hat Ladies. Well, as a certified techno-fashionista, I couldnโ€™t pass up the chance to infuse their hats with some electronic style.[more]

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