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PICs in Space

This article describes how to build a ?Space Invaders?-type game with a total component cost of just a couple of pounds. It’s compatible with 625-line/50Hz televisions that have an RGB SCART input,uses standard retro Atari-style joystick,Accurate synchronisation waveforms, including serration and equalisation ,Full colour .[more]

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Fortune Teller

This Arduino based project is housed in an old cigar box found in a thrift store. The Fortune Teller flashes it’s lights and then will give you a fortune and a lucky number after turning it on. Just press the button for another fortune. Currently there are about 15 different fortunes. [more]

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LED Chaser Face

This LED Chaser Face controlled by PIC16f684 microcontroller.The LEDs follow various patterns (ie. chasing each other, flashing in unison, checkeboard flashing, etc.) It is also very easy to add your own patterns.This project is very easy to build.[more]

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Dreamcast serial port adaptor

This website describes how to build an adaptor for the Dreamcast serial port that will allow you to connect it to any computer using a standard 9-pin DSUB connector. The main component is a MAX voltage converter, since the Dreamcast serial port uses CMOS (3.3V) voltage levels, whereas normal RS232 uses +/-12V levels.[more]

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A Video Game Computer based on 3 Microcontrollers

This is a video game system. The hardware was designed and built using three microcontrollers including two PIC16F877 and a PIC16F84. The software includes low-level firmware, and a custom video game called Alien Slaughter.[more]

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