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The SPOT: Strobist Project Opensource Trigger

The SPOT is a device that lets you adjust and trigger off-camera flashes remotely. It’s an essential tool for using artificial light. The creative possibilities that off-camera flash provides are endless. The SPOT has two modes of operation:
As a transmitter it sits on the hot shoe of a camera and forwards electrical flash trigger signals from the camera to slave flashes via radio
As a receiver it is connected to a small hot shoe (?system?) flash

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Tweeting Cat door

Each cat has a small RFID tag on the collar. When a cat is in the close proximity of the door, a small RFID reader reads the tag and if the cat is authorized, a servo will unlock the cat door. The RFID reader and the servo controller are connected to an old laptop. The software on the laptop is written in Delphi and for each “cat door event” is sending a Twitter message and a picture to the Twitter.[more]

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External keyboard with an iPhone

The folks at perceptive development have developed a custom interface that connects through the headphone jack. They had already developed the serial modem, so this was just another step at connecting peripherals. With some smart and small packaging, this could be a nice attachment to keep around.[more]

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chamber fan

The chamber fan is a powerful modification that increases muzzle velocity, helps improve reliability and provides convenience during operation. The function of the chamber fan is to mix the fuel with the air inside the chamber to create a consistent explosive environment. The fan is also used to quickly ventilate the chamber with fresh air after the shot is complete.[more]

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A photoplotter is a printing device that exposes light to a photo sensitive film to produce output.ย� The film is then developed like traditional photos to get the result.ย� There are 2 types of photoplotter, vector type and raster type.ย� Vector plotters move the exposure light anywhere in 2D space to create the image.ย� Need a line from point A to B?ย� No problem, just move from A to B.ย� These are similar to old style pen plotters.ย� Raster plotters, are more like a dot matrix printer, sending out one line of dots, then moving to the next to create an image.[more]

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