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GPS logger

This is a small size GPS-logger module. You could use it for different purposes. It can be carried elsewhere or mounting on a model airplane, track your journey in the car etc. It has a built in Lipo battery. This module can record your track for viewing on Mapping application such as Google Earth by retrieve the data via a small Visual Basic program installed on the computer. This project using PIC16F648 to read the serial protocol of the GPS then store on EEPROM.[more]

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GPS to SD-Card Data Logger

This project combines a GPS receiver module, a Microchip PIC microcontroller and a Secure Digital memory card to make a GPS data logger.The data from the GPS is logged every second with the raw NMEA sentences being written to the SD card. The data written to the card is the GSA, GGA, RMC and GSV sentences which by excluding the carriage returns this should never exceed 512 bytes per second. [more]

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This is a GPS repeater project.It used to repeat the GPS data.The purpose for the repeater is to allow the GPS to be outside, exposed to the satellite view, and allow the user to see the data below decks at the navigation station.It is intended to connect to Garmin-38 (and similar) hand held GPS receivers that don’t have external antennas.[more]

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GPS-based universal clock generator

Almost all commercially available GPS OEM modules provide a 1pps output, synchronized with GPS time. This pulse could be used as a reference to generate accurate high-frequency clocks, but special design has to address the short-term jitter affecting the 1pps signal. As a general guideline, an oven-stabilized crystal oscillator who guarantees the short-term stability is synchronized with the GPS 1pps for the long-term accuracy.[more]

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Using the GPS module with Arduino

This example shows how to connect the GPS module to an Arduino board and watch the NMEA sentences.The GPS module for Arduino is a small electronic circuit that allows to connect to your Arduino board to get position and altitude, as well as speed, date and time on UTC (Universal Time Coordinated). It uses the standard NMEA protocol ( to transmit the position data via serial port. [more]

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