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How To Make a VGA Dummy Plug

A VGA dummy plug is a simple hack to fool the GPU and Windows by let them thinking there is a monitor plugged on a card. This hack is useful in some situations where you have two or more graphics cards and need them to be active.[more]

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Making your own PCB’s at Home

Make your own circuit boards.You can make printed circuit boards like this one at home for a modest expense. Invaluable to experimenters and homebrewers.[more]

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Creating PCB’s at home

Creating PCB’s at home has always been a hassle. The basic methods available include manually laying out the traces with trace transfers , photoreproduction , or the use of a laser printer using the toner transfer method. The procedure is simple. You need some Jet Print brand Photo paper, glossy. The next step is to produce a positive image of the traces you want, using almost any editor, CAD program, etc. The image must print to the exact scale needed. [more]

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Basic Soldering Guide

Poor soldering can be an expensive business – causing product failure and downtime, engineer’s maintenance time and customer dissatisfaction. At hobbyist level, bad soldering technique can be a cause of major disappointment which damages your confidence. It needn’t be like that: soldering is really easy to learn.This website show the basic steps in making a perfect solder joint on aย�PCB If you’re a beginner, our advice is that it’s best to practice your soldering technique.[more]

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DIY and fabricate your own PCB board at home

This is a step by step guide to building your own PCB board with lots of photos and video illustration.Printed circuit board PCB, is also known as printed wiring board PWB. The board enables the wiring to the electronic circuit to be contain on a board. This is a far more efficient method of manufacturing a larger quantity of electronics circuit.[more]

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