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Laser Position Sensor

Laser Position Sensor is an optical sensor that measures and provides the two-dimensional coordinates of visible red laser light shined onto its surface with resolution of 0.0001″. Laser Position Sensor can be used for positioning and alignment, long-range beam-break/security trip wires, remote device control, data communications, and high-speed photography.[more]

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Home Built Laser Projector

This is a challenging project to build the laser projector with professional grade. The most important component used for laser projectors is the laser unit. He-Ne laser had been used in early days, multi-colored mixed gas laser is currently used for high end laser projector and solid state laser is one of the brand-new laser device that has been recently used.[more]

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Make a Laser Matrix Projector for the iPhone

The idea is to add some kind of projector capability to mobile phone (e.g. iPhone) that isnโ€™t too complex or expensive. Instead of using an expensive mini projector. This project use lasers instead to any bitmap font using a matrix of laser points, which is controlled by iPhone.[more]

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Pocket sized 7 Color Laser with Spiro Projector

Here is a cool and more fun laser project by Hack n Mod
Parts required for the optics:
* PHR803T sled (the housing and blu-ray laser will be used in this project)
ย� * 2 Laser modules
ย� * Red laser diode or here as well
ย� * Green laser module or here also
ย� * A broken green laser has a useful part for making an adapter.

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The Ultimate Home Laser Show

If you go to the club you will found the Laser light show like this project. If youโ€™ve ever wanted to build your own laser show, this simple five dollar DIY laser show project. Basically, reflect a laser on to a mirror physically attached to a speaker membrane. As the speaker vibrates and produces sound waves, it also vibrates the mirror which causes multiple shapes and patterns to be projected on to the ceiling and walls.[more]

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