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Power MOSFET RGB LED driver

This RGB LED driver uses logic level ‘N’ channel high power MOSFETs which allow it to control LED arrays or lamps at up to 5 amps per channel without heatsinks. The main unit control by PIC16F683. The circuit will operate from a supply voltage in the range 9 to 24 volts. [more]

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The LEDactus is a dry climate niche dweller like a cactus using PIC18F1320. LEDactus is immobile and attempts to survive by creating a pleasant display. This is of course in the hopes that passersby will be so entranced that they will build the LEDactus’ progeny.[more]

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8 x 8 LED Matrix in acrylic

Its a simple little box that makes wiring up an 8 x 8 LED Matrix easy. It uses the MAX7219 (or 7221) LED driver chip from Maxim and uses the Matrix library in the Arduino library.[more]

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Controlling 4D OLEDs with Arduino

Chowdhury writes:
4D Systems makes some really nice serial OLEDS. They aren’t hard to use, but the documentation for them is very scattered. This tutorial pulls together the various pieces i’ve found so that you can get up and running very quickly.The OLED I worked with was the ยตOLED-128-GMD. The other OLEDs listed have the sa[more]me pinouts and as far as i know should work similarly.

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Giant ShiftBrite Election Meter

Here is a giant red/blue bar graph to display the electoral vote at Garrett ’s house. It uses 32 ShiftBrite RGB LED modules, two CSG-4M LED numerical displays, a Cubloc CB405 with Quick Start 1000 board, and an ACODE-300B Bluetooth module and run on a small 400MHz Linux server.[more]

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