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embedded systems training boards

Digilent offers variety of embedded system training boards such as FPGA Boards, PSoC Kits, microcontroller boards, and more. Digilent is a leader in the design, manufacture, and world wide distribution of FPGA and microcontroller technologies. Digilent kits are used in thousands of settings worldwide to help students and engineers learn new skills and advance new designs. Designed for use in or out of the lab. [more]

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AT89LP2052 and AT89LP4052 Parallel Port Programmer

This 2052 / 4052 programmerย�design uses the parallel programming mode via Parallel Port. Only parallel programming can re-enable the ISP Fuse. This programmer is alsoย�usefull if you need to write the user fuses to disable the XTAL Osc Bypass fuseย�-ย� e.g. toย�test the LP2052ย�in existing 2051 hardware designs.[more]

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89S52 Project Board

This is a simple AT89S52 project board with In System Programmable Flash based microcontroller.It was designed for easy microcontroller project development. The board has two channel 12-bit ADC, 4-digit seven segment LED , text LCD connector, four tact switches, and the ISP loader connecter.[more]

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DIY hardware keylogger

This PS/2 key logger is a 100% operational and tested device, assembled and used by hundreds of people around the world.Full firmware & software source code, keylogger hardware electrical schematics, and documentation are included from this website.[more]

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Microcontroller with LCD, Keyboard and Compact Flash

An Atmel AT89C51AC2 microcontroller development board with Optrex DMC 16207 16×2 LCD display, 4×4 keyboard, speaker and 64MB Compact Flash storage. Low level C hardware interface functions are implemented so the keyboard, beeper and display are accessed with high level printf() and scanf() routines. Short filename DOS files may be read from, and written to the root of the FAT16 formatted Compact Flash media.[more]

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