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Picaxe Metronome

This simple metronome does just the trick by providing an adjustable tempo with slightly stronger first beat of each measure. Here are some features:Adjustable tempo between 60-240 BPM, Selectable 3/4 and 4/4 time , First beat of each measure is accentuated [more]

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Paper Sensor

The idea of the โ€œPaper Sensorโ€ is to control sound on an individual storage medium: Silver Lines on continuous paper. It could also be used as a Midi-Controller for Digital Music.[more]

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This is a MIDI interface for SX-150 to control it with sequencers in PC using AVR-MIDI.It is very easy to build such device with it. AVR-MIDI allows us to connect AVR microprocessor directory to USB and to accept USB MIDI profile. Which means no other MIDI devices are required to connect SX-150 to PC, and still have capability to handle MIDI messages. If you donโ€™t have a MIDI interface for PC, AVR-MIDI has advantage.[more]

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USB MIDIbox Module Hardware

This USB module provides 2 MIDI In and 2 MIDI Out ports which are linked to the computer via USB. The driver is based on the official Device Class Definition from usb.org and plays together with every operating system which supports this class: WinME, Win2k, WinXP, Mac OS X, Linux, Pegasos, MorphOS and OS4.[more]

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Homemade MIDI turntable

Cheap and simple homemade MIDI turntable with GPL2 license. Using a ATmega, a HDNS-2000 optical mouse encoder, GCC-AVR, AVR-Libc and FreeRTOS.The microcontroller ATmega16 is the brain. As inputs, there is only two, the YA and YB from HDNS-2000 IC, which reside inside the optical mouse. With this two inputs, we can know the direction of movement and velocity of the turntable.As outputs, the microcontroller output information for MIDI and for three LEDs. It sends by MIDI information about the movement of turntable. One LED flash just for show activity of the microcontroller, and the other two, turn on when there is movement of the turntable.[more]

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