Motor Controller


A Pulse Width Modulation Control

This is a simple Pulse Width Modulation Controller using a 555 that can go from about 1% to 99% Duty Cycle and Control High Currents to run lights or motors. This particular circuit was built for 12 volt DC operation, but can be operated at other voltages assuming you don’t exceed the 555 operating supply voltage.[more]

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20A Unipolar stepper driver

If you are looking for high current stepper motor driver here is a nice project you can build yourself.It is designed for Unipolar Stepper Motor that able to handle up to 20A. Here are some features:
Handles a maximum of 20A
Handles a maximum of 100V
Shuts down on overtemperature
Half-step and full-step

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This application note demonstrates simple hardware and software techniques for driving and controlling 3 common four-coil stepper motors by one Stamp II board. The below text / work is a modified version of Parallax, Inc. single axis Stamp I driver. The program is adjusted to run 3 motors simultaneously on a Stamp II board. The board as been tested succesfully with stepper motors from RS.[more]

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Simple PWM controller

This 555 timer based PWM controller.The frequency range from about 170 to 200 Hz.Features almost 0..100% pulse width regulation using R1, while keeping the oscillator frequency relatively stable. The frequency is dependent on values of R1 and C1.[more]

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Two Channel RC Pulse to PWM converter

A common problem for hobby robotics is controlling the drive level to a motor. Often hacked R/C servo’s are used, but they typically have poor control range. Many micro-controllers don’t have built in PWM or the PWM is very slow and makes for lots of motor buzz. This paper describes an AVR chip and software that converts two easily formed R/C pulse signals (often directly supported by inexpensive controllers like the Basic Stamp) and converts them into a PWM signal suitable for driving small motors.[more]

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