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RS485 to RS232 converter

This converter is intended to use with PC computer to communicate with ROV using 2 wires in half duplex mode. Send/receive mode is selected by RTS signal. The converter was designed to be as simple as possible, so it has no some features that can be found in commercial grade products.[more]

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Remote monitoring : Temperature and light

This small telemetry application is very usefull in the sense that any temperature and light level can be monitored remotely.The project can read 4 temperature sensors and 2 photodiodes. The slave microcontroller is a 8 bit 20 Mhz PIC16C74 from Microchip. The PIC select which sensor to active thru a 8 position analog multiplexer (DG528 from Maxim) and convert the analog signal into a digital 14 bit wide signal thru the AD679 from Analog Devices. The data form the given sensor is sent back to the FIFO. The SX52 sends back the result thru ethernet frame to the PC.[more]

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2-250 MHz Synthesized Network Analyzer

The basic analyzer uses two PLL’s mixed together to get a 2-250 MHz output. The PLL’s use Mini-Circuits VCO modules and Motorola MC145191 PLL chips to produce either a fixed 750 MHz or a variable 500-748 MHz output. These two PLL’s operate with a reference frequency of 100 kHz for excellent reference spur rejection and fast lockup times. The two PLL outputs are difference mixed and filtered to produce a 2-250 MHz output. The 1 Hz frequency resolution is achieved by driving the variable PLL’s reference input with the output of a Intersil HSP45102 NCO (Numerically Controlled Oscillator).[more]

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Touch project

Touch is a project to allow two people to touch each other’s fingers over any distance across the Internet.Touch uses two force sensitive resistors to feel the force(by touching) then the data is sent over the internet to the server and sent back to the fingers.This project uses CUBLOC CB220 microprocessor and Lantronix Xports for IP comunication.[more]

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Network Light Dimmer with Slider Control

This project is a light dimmer which has multiple control interfaces such an RS485 network, an infrared remote control, a proximity touch slider or touch sensor.It used to control the house using a set of rules, a web interface, a logger and many more components.It is based on a ATMega8 and Qprox QT401/QT110proximity sensor.[more]

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