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A USB Guitar

This is a PC Magazine Build-it project, one of many ongoing examples of cool things you can do with computer technology.By putting a small USB codec in a guitar, you’re putting an extra sound board in there. So when you record, your guitar is digitized locally and the signal transmitted to your computer over a USB cable. You plug your headphones into the guitar, so you have more mobility and fewer cords to get tangled. The guitar still has all its standard analog capabilities, but USB output as well.[more]

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Dreamcast serial port adaptor

This website describes how to build an adaptor for the Dreamcast serial port that will allow you to connect it to any computer using a standard 9-pin DSUB connector. The main component is a MAX voltage converter, since the Dreamcast serial port uses CMOS (3.3V) voltage levels, whereas normal RS232 uses +/-12V levels.[more]

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DIY hardware keylogger

This PS/2 key logger is a 100% operational and tested device, assembled and used by hundreds of people around the world.Full firmware & software source code, keylogger hardware electrical schematics, and documentation are included from this website.[more]

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Hammered Dulcimer

A hammered dulcimer is a musical instrument.The main part of a computer keyboard circuit is the key matrix.Connected to this matrix is a keyboard controller.This coincidence proves how popular the Model M still is: Another replacement electronics to give USB connectivity to IBM’s old keyboard, developed at the same time as rump and without knowing about the parallel effort. This version supports the keyboard’s LEDs as well.[more]

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How to Replace an LCD monitor power supply

Read this article if you have a LCD monitor that either does not turn on or turns on and off randomly. There might even be a high pitch squeal when it is on.[more]

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