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How To Make a VGA Dummy Plug

A VGA dummy plug is a simple hack to fool the GPU and Windows by let them thinking there is a monitor plugged on a card. This hack is useful in some situations where you have two or more graphics cards and need them to be active.[more]

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Controlling Your Festive Lights with the .NET Micro Framework

The Micro Framework is one of the newest kids on the .NET block, but it does something really rather wonderful. It brings embedded development within the reach of any C# programmer. If you know C# and love Visual Studio, you can now get started building hardware and controlling it with your software. Moreover, it lets developers achieve one of their most cherished dreams, to control their festive lights using programs that they have written.[more]

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RS485 to RS232 converter

This converter is intended to use with PC computer to communicate with ROV using 2 wires in half duplex mode. Send/receive mode is selected by RTS signal. The converter was designed to be as simple as possible, so it has no some features that can be found in commercial grade products.[more]

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C Framework on POSIX systems

This sample application is written in C, and should work on most POSIX compatible systems, such as under Linux and Cygwin for Windows. This project developed onย�Linux based eee PC ultra portable notebook. It includes code for using the Wombat’s generic HD44780 LCD driver.[more]

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Stepper Motor Control through Parallel Port

This project allows you to control speed, direction, and step size of a stepper motor. If you are interested in robotics, motion control, or just want to learn about this widely used motor in almost every electronic gadget like floppy drives, printer, scanner, robots, every device; then you should try building this versatile stepper motor control.This article also provides precious information about the basics of stepper motors, as there is not much literature spread out about it. It will help you go grasp the understanding, and control the MASTER MOTOR. You will also learn how to interact between PC and external devices, (PC interface through parallel port).[more]

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