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GPS logger

This is a small size GPS-logger module. You could use it for different purposes. It can be carried elsewhere or mounting on a model airplane, track your journey in the car etc. It has a built in Lipo battery. This module can record your track for viewing on Mapping application such as Google Earth by retrieve the data via a small Visual Basic program installed on the computer. This project using PIC16F648 to read the serial protocol of the GPS then store on EEPROM.[more]

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VAPS – Vehicle Accident Prevention System

VAPS is designed with a high speed computing device, the PIC32, a 32 bit flash microcontroller that forms the brain of this system. It is a preventive/corrective system and tries to check bad/rash driving by generating internal/external alerts and 911-SMS. The idea behind this concept is to warn the driver and also generate external alerts warning other drivers on the Freeway. The ultimate measure is to send a 911-SMS with vehicle regn. no., vehicle position(LAT/LON) and type of driving.[more]

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PIC16F684 based Digital Amp Meter

This is a PIC microcontroller based Digital Amp Meter. It can measure AC or DC current up to 30A and display on 3 digits 7-segment with resolution 100 mA. The ACS712 from Allegro to be used for current sensing. It is designed for ease of use and no calibration required.[more]

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The Black RNG Engine

This is a simple algorithm that is performed by a computer to generate a stream of high quality “random” data. The Black RNG algorithm can be used to generate finite amounts of random data or can form part of a hybrid RNG to produce streaming data with no limitation on amount. [more]

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PicCon : Hidden Radio Transmitter Controller

PicCon is a PIC microcontroller based radio controller designed for hidden transmitter hunting.PicCon interfaces to a radio transceiver much like a packet radio TNC does. It is controlled by the audio it receives from the radio, in the form of DTMF tones, and operates the radio by controlling the Push To Talk (PTT) while sending audio in the form of tones and modulated CW Morse code.[more]

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