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Homemade WindTurbines

Many people like to make their own alternator for their windturbines, weather its a vertical axis or horizantal. making your own requires a few materials for the most basic. some magnet wire, some magnets, wood, and some metal.[more]

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Artificial Plate Battery

Plate batteries for old tube radios are today only available with difficulty. However, step-up controllers for low DC voltages are everywhere. The circuits of these IC’s are, however, affected by disadvantages and complex wound inductances are needed. A further disadvantage of this solution is the transducer frequency; poor placing can cause audible interference.[more]

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Advanced USB Device Charger

This is a tiny USB battery charger.With this tiny thing you can charge almost all devices that are charged via USB, like iPods or mobile phones, with only two AA-Cells.most important compenent of the cicuit presented in the next steps is the “LT1301″. This is a small step up converter for to build switching mode power supplys with only a few external components.[more]

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Buck Mode Switching Regulator for Solar Applications

This circuit is suitable for a variety of uses. If you have a solar powered 12 Volt lead-acid battery power source, the circuit can be used to efficiently power lower voltage devices. It can be used to provide power to devices that normally use a set of small batteries for power. Common voltages such as 1.5V, 3V, 4.5V, 6V, 7.5V, and 9V can be produced by this circuit. The circuit has been used to power small fans, portable radios, a miniature TV, and more.[more]

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Solar Powered Radio

This is a simple idea that can be added to your electronic project to help demonstrate applications of solar energy.Solar power provides advantages for remote locations where there is a need for power but no electricity available. For example, if you go to the mountains for a camping trip or to the beach for a day in the sun there are no electrical outlets to conveniently plug in to.[more]

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