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Multi-purpose RC devices checker

Multi-purpose RC devices checkerThis project for testing CCPM servo setup. This device allows you to connect 1-3 servos simultaneously. It can be used as a servo signal generator for testing electronic speed controller (ESC) without using a transmitter and receiver. Also, this device can be used to check other RC devices.[more]

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Building a simple antweight R/C combat robot

The Sabertooth 2X5 R/C will be used to interpret signals from a radio control system, and vary the motor speed so you can drive the robot around. The project requires basic knowledge of electronics (Volts, amps, battery polarity and wiring) and intermediate soldering skills. The project can be completed in a day, with most of the time spent waiting for glue to dry. [more]

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Diesel and Horn sound module for model

Without using a computer chip this analog design is still a challenging task and of course it still lacks that realistic sound created by the natural effect elements of reverbaration ,sustain and doppler effects that we love to hear at night.The 555 timer is really a poor replacement for the LM566 as a VCO (Voltage controlled oscillator ) although it is linear in function a negative voltage range is needed to activate the timer and produce the RPM to relate to the actual engine speed thus the op-amp is used to invert the track positive voltage .? [more]

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Engine Sound Synthesizer for Electric Airplanes

This page describes an airplane sound generater system using Tini2138 module. It’s main innovation is that the pitch of the engine sound is proportional to the speed of the propeller.Tini2138 module is a tiny module with a powerful LPC2138 ARM7-TDMI CPU from NXP running at 60MHz. The sounds were extracted from engine sound files that are provided with various flight simulator models. [more]

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DCC Servo Decoder

Drive up to 8 RC servos to simulate the opening and closing of a turnout.Provide outputs for each servo to control the signal lights surrounding the turnout.Support for individual, bi-colour and tri-colour LEDs. Controlled by DCC. Supports configuration variables with acknowledgement. Accessory Address Lo/ Hi. Configuration byte,interactive Programming Address,enable Interactive Servo,and for each servo.[more]

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