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Running Dog Robot Project

This project is a part of the Biorobotics research activities at the AILab of the University of Zurich. The main objective of this project is to explore the design principles of biologically inspired legged running robots. In particular this project focuses on a minimalistic model of rapid locomotion of quadruped robots inspired by biomechanics studies. The goal of this project is, therefore, to achieve technology for a form of rapid legged locomotion.[more]

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Building a simple antweight R/C combat robot

The Sabertooth 2X5 R/C will be used to interpret signals from a radio control system, and vary the motor speed so you can drive the robot around. The project requires basic knowledge of electronics (Volts, amps, battery polarity and wiring) and intermediate soldering skills. The project can be completed in a day, with most of the time spent waiting for glue to dry. [more]

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Seeker Mini Sumo

This mini-sumo is controlled by a PIC 16F877 micro-controller. The motors are Micromo 1717 gearmotors, and they are powered through a Texas Instruments SN754410NE one amp dual h-bridge. A single NiMh 9 volt battery provides the power for both the electronics and the motors. The tires & wheels are standard R/C racing tires & wheels for street touring cars. The IR range-finders are Sharp GP2D12 analog sensors.[more]

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Sun Mirror

Sun mirror is a solar powered artbot that uses a popular circuit called a “Solar Engine”. The circuit only uses two transistors, one flashing led, one resistor, one capacitor. Start by connecting your parts on a protoboard to be sure all the parts work together. Fixing a non-working circuit after building it will make a mess of things.[more]

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Self-Propelled Toy Car

Self-Propelled Toy Car based on PICnome. Shunichi Yamamoto writes:
PICnome is the open-source hardware. So this is not business. my primary job is to study and develop the hardware and software based on chaos and complex systems.

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