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Low-Cost RS232 Multiplexer

This multiplexer allows up to 4 devices to be connected to one single RS232 port. Via stacked multiplexers, even an arbitrary number of devices can be controlled with one single port. An example would be connecting multiple stepper-motor controllers to a single RS232 port. The simultaneous data reception mechanism allows a simultaneous movement of all motors.[more]

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This application note demonstrates simple hardware and software techniques for driving and controlling 3 common four-coil stepper motors by one Stamp II board. The below text / work is a modified version of Parallax, Inc. single axis Stamp I driver. The program is adjusted to run 3 motors simultaneously on a Stamp II board. The board as been tested succesfully with stepper motors from RS.[more]

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RS485 communication system using PIC18F4520

This project is a RS-485 based bidirectional communications system using PIC18F4520 to communicate between several nodes. The project will consist of two separate circuits (per node) a) an RS-232 to 2-wire RS-485 converter and b) a 2-wire RS-485 peripheral transceiver.The converter will allow a PC serial port to be converted to and from electrical signal levels required for 2-wire RS-485 format. The RS-485 interface allows up to 32 standard load nodes on a shared data bus.[more]

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RS485 to RS232 converter

This converter is intended to use with PC computer to communicate with ROV using 2 wires in half duplex mode. Send/receive mode is selected by RTS signal. The converter was designed to be as simple as possible, so it has no some features that can be found in commercial grade products.[more]

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Serial servo control

This serial servo control software was written in “Visual Basic 5 Pro”. It uses the PC serial port “com1″ to talk to a Basic Stamp, or a Pic Micro programmed with MicroEngineerings PicBasic.In between positions are available as well.You can just click on the slider and hold the mouse button down while moving the slider for large adjustments, or use the up/down arrows for slower more precise positioning.[more]

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