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Homemade ECG

With an analog-to-digital converter and programming the PalmPilot interface. you can build your own ECG(Electrocardiograph).Here are actually parts that requires :One electrocardiograph circuit built, PalmOS type handheld computing device with serial interface.Four AA batteries (or another way to come up with 6 volts on demand).A DBST (or DBDT) switch, a 1 MOhm potentiometer, and telephone wire + jack.These components are used as a power switch, gain controller, and easy way to connect the electrodes, respectively.One Pontech SV203 robot controller.A box, if you are so inclined.[more]

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This is the Robocco that is designed to be a beer launcher.It can keep a six of cans(pack of standard cans) in its refrigerating belly.
At the press of a button, a can will be lifted, opened and poured into the mug.
The whole operation will be accompanied by incessant nagging and lots of text on its display.Here are some features :
can be loaded with 6 cans
programmable voices
child protection
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DNA replicator

You can duplicate your DNA for costs just $10.This is a new invention from scientist.The heart of this invention is PCR(polymerase chain reactions),to generate billions of identical copies of a DNA strand.The device developed by researchers in Texas A&M University in Texas, US.This device can operate on two AA batteries.More info click here

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