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Bryan’s DIY Antique Phone Doorbell

This project combines a battery-operated doorbell, antique phone, Arduino, and subscriber line interface circuit (SLIC) to make a wireless doorbell. Readers are taken through basic phone restoration, creation of a custom doorbell button transmitter, modification of the receiver, workings of the SLIC, and description of the Arduino code.[more]

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External keyboard with an iPhone

The folks at perceptive development have developed a custom interface that connects through the headphone jack. They had already developed the serial modem, so this was just another step at connecting peripherals. With some smart and small packaging, this could be a nice attachment to keep around.[more]

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The Infinity Bug

The INFINITY BUG is connected across the phone-line of a distant phone (in parallel mode).To use the Bug, the distant phone is rung. After having a conversation with the person at the other end, they will replace the receiver. At this point you whistle into the receiver and the Infinity Bug will pick up the line. The high-gain amplifier in the Infinity Bug will pick up the audio at the place where it is located.[more]

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