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Wireless Spa Temperature Sensing System

Wireless Spa Temperature Sensing SystemWireless Spa Temperature Sensing System
The purpose of this project was to design and implement a reliable and cost effective wireless temperature sensing system for the recreational spa industry. This wireless product has potential applications in many other areas including, salmonid enhancement hatcheries, private/public tubs, and indoor/outdoor pools.[more]

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A Simple Arduino LCD Thermometer

This is really very simple Arduino project. The LM35DZ has three pins, +5V, ground and a variable voltage output to indicate the temperature.Arduino plugged it into breadboard and wired the output straight to the Arduino’s analogue input 0.The display is used in this project is a Displaytech 162B which is a HD44780 LCD controller compatible device.[more]

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Electronic Temperature-Controlled Relay

The heart of the circuit is the LM35 temperature sensor which is factory-calibrated in the Celsius (or Centigrade) scale with a linear Degree->Volt conversion function. The output voltage changes with temperature from 550mV (-55oC) to 1500mV (150oC). This greatly simplifies the thermostat designed only need to provide a precision voltage reference (TL431) and an accurate comparator (A1 of LM358) in order to construct a complete thermostat.[more]