Timer projects


555 Based Feeding Timer

The fish feeding timer is based on a simple monostable 555 circuit and a relay to drive the load (the return pump in this case). The circuit is setup as simple monostable 555 multivibrator, a.k.a a one shot trigger or timer.The timing period can be adjusted by turning the potentiometer.[more]

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PIC16F84 based kitchen timer

This is a kitchen timer.Use it to time spaghetti, or maybe an egg. It uses two PICs, one acts as a keyboard encoder, the other drives the display and supports the timer functions. You key in the desired time and press ‘#’. It’s accurate to 1/100th of a second.[more]

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PIC-Based kitchen timer

The prototypeโ€™s outputs consist of a single 7-segment LED display and a piezo speaker (still attached to its watch back). The inputs consist of a 10-position โ€œBCDโ€ rotary switch (for digit entry), two pushbuttons (set and start/stop), and two bits of a 8-position DIP switch (timer selection).[more]

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Brushless Free-Flight Timer

This page describes how to convert a cheap commercial speed controller into a light, easy to use, brushless free flight timer. It is also a good introduction to brushless ESC’s and you could even build your own. The conversion requires very little soldering and is lighter than most people will ever be able to build themselves (2g without wires). It uses free software, can run on 1, 2 or 3 lipos and deliver up to 6A.[more]

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PIC based Countdown Timer

The purpose of this timer is to provide a countdown time from 1 second to 99 minutes & 59 seconds. It used to control the lighting for the Ultra-Violet exposure of photosensitive PCB material. The project provides also an audible alarm at the end of the countdown time and switches the UV lights by means of a relay. It is based on a Microchip microcontroller, the 18 pin PIC16F84(A). There are 15 different modes to program countdown times.[more]

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