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Micro TV transmitter

Here is a quick guide to making electronic circuits with the FabLab 3D milling and scanning machine.With the support and versatile skills of Marc Boon participants will be guided through the simple steps to making an electronic circuit with the 3D milling and scanning machine.As case the participants will make a micro television.[more]

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A Video Game Computer based on 3 Microcontrollers

This is a video game system. The hardware was designed and built using three microcontrollers including two PIC16F877 and a PIC16F84. The software includes low-level firmware, and a custom video game called Alien Slaughter.[more]

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Video Generation with Atmel AVR microcontrollers

There are several very good references for understanding how TVs are controlled by a pulse sequence.The goal of this tutorial is to generate non-interlaced, black and white video, with enough image content to be interesting as a graphics device. The software described here implements an NTSC-rate, non-interlaced, video signal.[more]

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How to build the most simplest FM transmitter

How to build the most simplest FM transmitter
This tiny transmitter has several “defects”: smaller radius of the service area, lower quality of the sounds and the relatively unstable frequency. These can be considered as a compromise to easily have your own transmitter for the time being or as a more positive choice. These “defects” are only from the perspective of conventional transmission such as “clear stereo sound to receive anywhere”. Artist could change these to another directions. Whether or not, you can experience a convivial wireless imagination by this transmitter.[more]

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TV transmitter

This video transmitter system is built as a module that gets deployed on its own parachute at apogee. The camera is looking out the side of the rocket at launch and is looking down at the ground during descent on the parachute. Optionally an external mirror can also be added to allow the camera to look down during lift off. [more]

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