USB projects


A simple two channels USB oscilloscope

This submini USB scope is based on a Atmel Tiny45. It has 2 analog inputs and can supply 5V ont the 4 pins header on the right. One of the inputs can be scaled down with the trim pot.The firmware in the Tiny45 is written in C and compiled with Winavr and usb source code from obdev.[more]

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Simple USB Data Acquisition

Simple data acquisition is only a project away. Bruce shows you how to build a simple data acquisition device around an LPC2138. The system features a simple GUI that allows you to view graphed data instead of the streaming serial data in a terminal emulator session.

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Five by Twenty

5 tubes SSB QRP Transceiver for 20m Ham band
Five by Twenty : A 5 tubes SSB QRP Transceiver for 20m Ham band.It is a true SSB transceiver built around just 5 vacuum tubes, with no transistors nor ICs. Superhet receiver with AGC and S-meter drives a loudspeaker, 5W transmitter. Very stable VXO uses CB crystals to cover 20m Ham band.[more]

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Android G1 Serial to USB Cable

Learn how to make an Android G1 2.8v serial to USB Serial device adapter (using a 3.3v ttl to usb serial adapter). This can be used for kernel debugging/etc with your computer. This project shouldn’t cost you more than 40 bucks if you already have basic electronic tools such as a soldering iron. [more]

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USB FM receivers

Don’t you ever want to be able to listen to your favorite radio station during your office hours? Do you developing automotive software and need an interfaces for FM receiver chip? Do you want to be notified about traffic jams before leaving office and turning on the radio with TMC in your vehicle? Maybe you want to use RDS to send and receive information over FM? Or you’re just geek and love to deal with uber technical stuff? FM USB library is the answer to those question. This is fully managed and standard library in C#, which can be included into your software and provides support for FM radio chips on USB with full RDB (RDBS) and TMC support.[more]

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