Best Digitizing Software for Embroidery Machines

Updated on: June 16, 2019


BuzzEdit v3 – Embroidery Design Editor

BuzzEdit v3 - Embroidery Design Editor


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Amazing Designs Digitize N Stitch Software

Amazing Designs Digitize N Stitch Software

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Embrilliance Essentials Embroidery Machine Software

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Features Your New Embroidery Digitizing Machine Should Have

As a digitizer and business owner, you can’t afford to waste time on repetitive tasks that slow down your digitizing, or inefficient designs that cost you money in production. The ‘Auto Arrangements Element’ is a productivity boost to your digitizing department by cutting through the time wasting repetitive tasks, plus optimize your design for production.

‘Auto Arrangements Element’ includes the Mirror Merge tools which allow you to duplicate and transform selected objects, as well as merge colors to minimize costly color changes on your machine. Mirror Merge includes: Mirror Copy Horizontal, Mirror Copy Vertical, Mirror Copy Horizonal and Vertical, Array, Reflect and Wreath. Let’s take a closer look at ‘Array’ and ‘Wreath’ Array is a fantastic productivity tool that, with a few clicks, can take any shape or design and automatically create a stitching array that is perfect for creating patches or badges. My design has 3 colors.

If we wanted to produce 20 badges, we’d have to run the design 20 times on a machine. That will create 60 color changes, plus downtime while I restart the machine for the next badge. However, with the ‘Auto Arrangement Element’, I can turn this design into a production optimized design in just a few seconds. First select your design, then select Array in the Mirror Merge Toolbar Specify the number of rows, and columns that you want your design to repeat, and also set the spacing between each row and each column.

‘Auto Arrangements’ will automatically lay out your design in a snake-like pattern to minimize the machine movement and wasted travel time. Plus, merge similar colors to minimize the color changes on your machine. Now instead of having 20 designs with 60 color changes, I have a single design perfectly laid out for badge production, with only 3 color changes. Now let;s take a look at Wreath Wreath is a great tool to help you create symmetrical shapes and designs.

Select a design or object, like a flower petal Select ‘Wreath’ Specify the number of wreath points or copies you wait, then click on screen to generate your copies . Within seconds you have a beautifully symmetrical design or logo that your customer will love.

The Auto-Digitize Embroidery tool recognizes shapes in artwork, bitmap and vector, and choose suitable stitch types to use. Select the image and click Auto-Digitize Embroidery. If you have not yet processed the image, you will be prompted to do so Image colors are automatically classified as fills or details, or omitted altogether. Select a color and use the Locate button to preview.

Use droplists to tag colors or omit – fills are stitched first, outlines, including borders or small areas, last Adjust stitch options for details or fills as preferred. Select a conversion method for color processing – use your preferred thread chart as desired. Click OK to process the image All editing techniques are available to further refine the auto-digitized image.

Use Smooth Shapes to smooth sharp curves. This makes reshaping easier Some smaller objects have been assigned Satin stitch. For consistency with related objects, you may want to change these to Tatami Adjust stitch types as preferred. Check the stitch sequence and reshape or remove any unwanted items.