How to Cut and Split Concrete Blocks

Splitting and Cutting Concrete. When splitting or cutting courtyard blocks you will need some of the following tools, a hammer and chisel, a skill saw with a masonry blade, or a masonry saw.

Remember to follow manufacturers guidelines on tool safety and always wear eye protection and work gloves when splitting or cutting blocks. When splitting blocks using a hammer and chisel, use the blocks with a pre-defined splitting notch. Dublin blocks are manufactured with either and end splitting notch or a center splitting notch. Some York blocks are manufactured with a center splitting notch. To split a block, you will need to score around the entire block.

Place the chisel along the splitting notch and strike firmly. Flip the block on its side and place the chisel along the splitting notch and strike again. Repeat this process working your way around the block until it is scored on all sides. A few more sharp blows along the top should yield a nice split. You can also use a chop saw with a dry cutting diamond blade to cut completely through the block.

When splitting cap blocks, first mark the cap on both the top and the bottom. Use a skill saw with a masonry blade to score the top of the cap then flip it over and score the bottom. Then using a hammer and chisel strike the two ends of the cap along the score line and across the center of the cap. Flip the cap over and continue striking along the score line. But avoid striking the middle area across the top of the cap, as this may cause an uneven split.

Continue this process working around the cap until it splits. Now you can split and cut blocks, choose the method that works for you and your project.