How to Install Laminate Flooring Guides

How are we going to install this Laminate floor, I do the preparation, was to clean the floor with a razor, I also remove all the dust, install this seven plastic millimeters thick and on top of the to put this floor that I have here, it’s a laminated floor.

Let’s start on that side is the side longer. You always have to try to choose the longest side. The laminate floor must be left around no less than three days in the area where the will work to acclimatize. We always have to keep in mind that our unions have to have a 6 inches minimum one from another if reaches to appreciate there is one and the second is a little bit more retired like 12 inches to assemble this floor is easy.

Remember this one, the biggest is always the what is left towards this side where are you going installing and this is the one that fits we just put it together we put pressure and ready. There we have it, I’m going to use those wedges to hold our floor there always make sure that there is no flaw here because you can lift our floor the corners we’re going to put our next floor and we are going to bump it here we put it already widened but I still need to put it together here is an opening for that. I’m going to use and hard plastic box. For do not damage the edge of our floor. I’m going to place it and I’m going to hit it with the hammer we must use a rubber hammer but this time. I forgot nothing else I am at hand. I will focus the camera so that to see if they reach appreciate. When they close more there is closed they are gentle blows do not have to be strong blows because we can damage our floor we leave it half an inch all around for the expansion here. I have the molding that I’m going to use molding all the time he painted it before put it to not stain our floor here I have the molding installed all around the room except for this missing couple block and that depth and I have to put with glue and those bits. I’m also going to wait because here is is going to install a door but here the frame molding is also installed from our door to continue towards here up here.