How To Load Different Types of Staple Guns

If using a stapler to hold a bunch of papers in one file is something you’ve done before, it’s basically the same as using a staple gun. A staple gun is a much larger counterpart of the stapler for paper, only that staple guns are tougher and can drive metal staples into plastic, wood, and even into super hard surfaces such as masonry. Staple gun application had been serving its purpose of wrapping, insulation, wiring, and roofing on house construction surfaces down to reupholstering and crafting.


Loading a staple gun is a bit different compared to how one does it with a regular stapler. This guide will show you how to correctly place the appropriate staple wire inside the chamber of the staple gun.


For manual staple guns

Manual staple guns are the most common of all the types of staple guns. They are popular for being low cost and easy to use. They don’t need any power source at all which makes them convenient. They are, however, not as powerful so the materials they can actually drive staples into are limited.


  • Look for the magazine release. You can locate it by checking for the strip of tape that usually covers the magazine to prevent it from scratching or denting the material.


  • After getting rid of the tape, check the back of the stapler for the release button of the magazine. You can push the button to get the magazine released. In some staplers, there are times you may have to lift the mechanism upward to be able to get the magazine out.


  • Once the magazine is out (it should slide out smoothly), load the staple wires on to the designated rail. The wires should be on their legs or right-side up. Push the spring-loaded magazine back until you hear a click. Before using for a project, test the firing first into a material you’ll be going to use it on.


For electric staple guns

As the name suggests, these types use electricity to drive staple wires into particular surfaces. They have features that make staple wires stay onto the surface stronger. Follow the guide below on how to load an electric staple gun.


  • Before anything else, make sure that electric staple gun is disconnected from any electrical power source or that the batteries are out. Always practice safety measures first before handling any type of electrical equipment.


  • This type of staple gun loads at the bottom. Try to locate the release button for the magazine right at the bottom. The release button ironically is also the part that locks in the magazine while the staple gun is firing.


  • A quick press of the release button should trigger the magazine to loosen. Pull it out then hold it upside down. Place the metal staples upright on their legs down and carefully slide them inside the nose of the staple gun.


  • Give the magazine a gentle push into the staple gun’s interior. Once you hear a click, it’s a sign that the magazine has been locked in place and that the release button has been locked.


  • This would be a good time to test the staple gun’s firing. Plug your electric staple gun into an electrical socket or put in some batteries. Get a piece of material where you’ll be firing the staples. Do this one at a time.


For pneumatic staple guns

These staple guns usually aid professional contractors for certain tasks. These will also shoot brads and nails when needed. Here’s a guide on how to load a craftsman staple gun.


  • Pneumatic staple guns use air to fire staple wires. Before loading this type of staple gun, turn the air compressor off first and disconnect from the air hose. Simply unscrew the bolt that connects the hose to the staple gun. Use a screwdriver if it’s hard to remove.


  • Once you’ve made sure that the following components are disconnected from the staple gun, you can start loading it with staple wires. Some staple guns would come with safety features that should be activated first before loading it with more staple wires.


  • You should be able to find the magazine at the bottom of the staple gun. The magazine follower locks it in place so to be able to load it, push it aside to loosen the magazine from the staple gun. Position the staple wires on their legs, making sure that their aligned. The wires should be able to slide up or down because there’s no obstruction. Place the magazine back into the staple gun and slide the magazine follower to lock in place.


  • A mechanism will trigger the staple wires to be pushed once they’re inside the staple gun. Get a material of certain thickness and toughness to test out the firing of the staple gun to see if the wires will be driven into it properly.