How To Use a Combihammer with onboard Dust Removal System

There are many options for controlling concrete dust on the job site. The dust removal systems, or DRS, work with a wide range of products.

Discover how to use smaller corded and cordless combiners with onboard dust collection attachments. These systems do not require a vacuum. This method is the same for all the tools you see here, both corded and cordless. Please note that only DRS modules with a filter-cleaning mechanism are OSHA Compliant, section seven, for guidelines on respirator use while performing the application.

Step 1: Remove the battery from the tool, or unplug it from power.

Step 2: slide the DRS unit onto the bottom of the tool. Use the latch trigger to remove the system, if needed. Note, for the TE 6-A, the DRS unit slides on from the front of the tool.

Step 3: If equipped, open the brush ring, insert the drill bit into the tool, and close the ring.

If the ring does not open, insert the bit into the tool and then into the brush ring to reduce wear on the brushes.

TE DRS 4-A and DRS 6-A are equipped with a stop lock and depth gauge.

Step 4: Begin drilling; the dust collector will activate automatically.

Step 5: To remove the debris box, simply use the clips at the side of the box and discard per your company’s written silica exposure control plan.
We recommend doing this every 8-10 holes at 5/8 inch by 2-inch demented.

Step 6: to replace the filter, use a flat head screwdriver to remove the filter from its clips, and replace with a new one.
We recommend doing this when a noticeable drop in dust collection is seen with the system.