Tips for Sewing Ribbon in Clothing Repair

I am going to tell you how to sew the ribbon on the garment.

First we are going to fold down the ends. This one will be under the collar so you don’t have to be so fussy about how it is going to look because it is going to be under the collar so you won’t be able to see it. So we’ll pin that down. Then on this end I am going to fold it up under the hem and pin that down. As you can see our glue is holding the ribbon so it won’t move at all and we will be able to apply that nice and straight.

When you sew, we are just going to sew down one end as close to the edge as you can go and we’ll come down to the other side as close to the edge as you can go I don’t recommend sewing one line down straight through the middle because when you laundry it, it is going to fold and roll. So you really need to sew on one side of the ribbon and then on the other. Once we get started, we can pull the pin out and then continue down as close to the edge without going off Always make sure that it is flat and not wrinkled underneath and that you are not catching anything underneath as you go.

Just flip that back under and back and forth to knot it. Now I am going to sew across the bottom I am going to remove the pin so that my needle doesn’t hit it and then we will turn around and go back down the other side of the ribbon. We are sewing as close to the edge as possible without going off the edge and as you can see the glue really helps to hold that ribbon in place, not slipping and sliding like you would have if you were sewing with pins. Okay and finish up with the knot and repeat that on the other side.