Upgrading Home With a Garage Door Makeover Guide

Thinking of replacing your garage door, but don’t quite know where to start? Let’s see how easily you can transform the look of your home from drab to pizzazz. Is your garage door a big eyesore like this? And you want to go to this? Here are some helpful tips.

An attached garage door can take up more than a third of the front façade, making it one of the homes most prominent curbside features. First advice, take your time when choosing the type of door for your garage. Now since there are so many door styles available to you, another tip would be to contact your nearest dealer. They will assist you when selecting the door best suited for your home style, your budget and application. They’ll also provide you with a free estimate.

To quickly find a dealer in your area, log on to our dealer locator at garagacom. Simply type in your zip or postal code and voila! Don’t be afraid to ask for an onsite consultation. Your garage door specialists will not only make sure of accurate measurements, they will come to your home at a time convenient for you. We also recommend you ask for a written proposal.

Replacing your garage door by a professional dealer is easy, worry free and can be done in less than a day. From the removal of the old door to the installation of the new door and opener and the finishing touch of mounting the decorative hardware, your total garage door transformation is complete. So there you have it, why wait any longer when you can transform that dull battered garage door into pure pizzazz. Giving your home a whole new look It’s an easy and hassle-free upgrade for a lot less than you think.